Italian style drama, makeup and shooting

Marina with black dress pose in a dramatic pose

Marina, half body phot shooting. Black dress and black wig, with green contact lenses.

To give Marina this new look, I just did not use makeup, but also a black bob wig in human hair that I found here:, and some green contact lenses, to make her eye ‘pop’.

marina ready for the makeup. hair hidden undera a wig cap

Marina before the make up

Marina sporting a fashion makeup and black bob wig

Marina after makeup and hair

The makeup was studied pretty heavy, smooth and in natural colors, because I was already planning to shoot outside, in a very sunny day, where the sun light could vanish all the work of the makeup artist.
I started preparing a smooth foundation with contouring and highlights, then I applied some deep tones of purple red for lips and cheeks. This has been Marina’s first time with colored contact lenses, and after trying with some cosmetic scleral shells that really did not fit her well, we found a compromise with these soft green lenses.
The look of the eyes has also been enriched with some human hair fake eyelashes, really natural, that added some nice shadows over the eyes.
Thanks to her native and pleasant style in posing, we were able to get these interesting pictures.

the model poses as italian vintage diva

vintage italian style shooting

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