Bear costume for tv show

Bear costume mask

Bear costume – fur head mask

Working as makeup artist (maskér here in Prague)  is not always making up beautiful girls and bodypainting..  For the shooting of  some short films to be later published in the media, this time I was asked to create a mascot mask and transform the look of an actor in a tender teddy bear (.. a small teddybear taller than me.. ).
Since the character was an anthropomorphic bear, dressed in suit and pants, I had to focus my work just on the mask and gloves.

Despite the simplicity of the basic idea, the work was quite challenging and required some attention. Once done the model in plasteline over the casted face, I proceeded creating the bivalve mold, replicating in two different pieces with soft polyurethane foam, to keep the mobility of the mouth.

making of bear mask

Soft polyurethane foam used to create the bear mask.

Then I proceeded covering the mask with the synthetic hair, shape it and sew it on the head size, cut and color, and finally apply a closing ‘pull’ that allow the necessary adjustments to the mask to fit any face.

Once finished, everything was glued and sewn correctly, demonstrating that sometimes makeup artists do not use only brushes.

To make it more credible I finished the job by painting with an airbrush, acrylics, and I covered my nose, already colored black, with a thin layer of silicone, which determined a natural shine ..

actor in bear costume

Close up of the bear mask

Actor in bear costume

Actor dressed with bear costume, performing on a train.

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