Photo shooting makeup for talent agency in Prague

she model stays in front of the camera with some hair over her face

agency shoot for photo model

model with a white leather bag

model with a white leather bag

The pictures for talent scouting agencies (models, dancers, actors and extras) should mostly respect the natural look of the person, not only to avoid to create a mask that follows this person on his career, but mostly because usually the ‘small defects’ make an actor look like a real person, far away from the beauty concept introduced by fashion where every model should look like a perfect doll.
From the other side, taking part to a casting as you woke up in the morning, could not be the most appropriate.
This is the reason why for this makeups I only use concealers, foundations and colors in natural shades, respecting the natural beauty of each subject.

portrait of a young and beautiful girl

model nude look makeup for casting agency portfolio

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