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Marina with black dress pose in a dramatic pose

To give Marina this new look, I just did not use makeup, but also a black bob wig in human hair that I found here: CinemaWigs.com, and some green contact lenses, to make her eye ‘pop’. The makeup was studied pretty heavy, smooth and in natural colors, because I was already planning to shoot outside, Continue Reading

picture of a cinema practical effect: cut on a lower arm

I am often asked to produce easy and lifelike practical effects, like bruises, cuts and wounds, both for movies and classical tv filming. So I developed a set of silicone prosthetics that can be easily adopted to get quick and good results in less time. Differently from the Tinsely transfer method, these prosthetics do not Continue Reading


… not for Vampires or Zombies only

Prosthetic teeth are usually made to change the color, the aspect and the length of ‘the smile’ for an actor/actress playing a part. Each denture is custom made to fit only one mouth. This allows the effect to be realistic and lifelike as possible, as requested from the most cinema and TV productions. Another advatage Continue Reading

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