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she model stays in front of the camera with some hair over her face

The pictures for talent scouting agencies (models, dancers, actors and extras) should mostly respect the natural look of the person, not only to avoid to create a mask that follows this person on his career, but mostly because usually the ‘small defects’ make an actor look like a real person, far away from the beauty Continue Reading

Temporale a Praga, fotografia di Gabriele Bertolini

Film productions in Czech Republic

Photograpy: Gabriele Bertolini Czech Republic, Prague in particular, is experiencing in these recent years, a period of particular interest for international film industry. How to justify this trend? Why do many important international production agencies decide to invest in Prague? Located in the heart of Europe, Prague has the charm of the ancient city, capital Continue Reading


… not for Vampires or Zombies only

Prosthetic teeth are usually made to change the color, the aspect and the length of ‘the smile’ for an actor/actress playing a part. Each denture is custom made to fit only one mouth. This allows the effect to be realistic and lifelike as possible, as requested from the most cinema and TV productions. Another advatage Continue Reading

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