practical effects for cinema and media

I am often asked to produce easy and lifelike practical effects, like bruises, cuts and wounds, both for movies and classical tv filming.
So I developed a set of silicone prosthetics that can be easily adopted to get quick and good results in less time.

picture of a cinema practical effect: cut on a lower arm

wound on a lower arm

picture of a girl playing cards with a vampire girl. She's betting her blood

Playing cards with a vampire

Differently from the Tinsely transfer method, these prosthetics do not have any additiona layer of tattoo paper over, and the edges of the cut can be also very sharp.
Moreover they can be pre-painted (both with silicone or alcohol colors), retouched and some objects (for instance some small parts of glass resin) can be integrated even before the application of the prosthetic.

Silicone pre-painting allows to leave some details opaque (i.e. the surrounding skin) and some more bright and shining (i.e. the wound inside), leaving a wet impression without applicating fake blood or other liquids.

Furthermore the whole prosthetic is transparent, glued with silicone itself that leaves a good transparency to the details of the skin underneath and makes it simpler to smooth the prosthetic outside edges.

picture of a girl laying down in a bathtub, with a bleeding cut on her neck

girl suicides in the bathtub

picture of wound set collecion

cut and wound set of prosthetics for cinema practical effects

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